We are very excited to be opening our doors and starting to  to deliver our services.

Through a Community Asset Transfer - we purchased the former Gorebridge Police Station.  The award was through a capital and staff grant from the Scottish Land Fund and Midlothian Council Grants for refurbishment.

What's on next

The Big Lunch is Back!

Lots of free fun and games, competitions, races.  

Come along - take your pick

Helping people and the environment.  Free - donation only - whatever you can afford.

Training in the Community

These are free training events for the Gorebridge Community.  Come along and gain new qualifications

Dementia Cuffs

Our dedicated volunteers from our "Bizzee Hands Craft Club" have been making these beautiful cuffs.  Dementia cuffs are knitted hand-warmers that provide sensory stimulation for people living with dementia, by comforting and soothing when anxious and provides excellent sensory stimulation.