Auld Gala Park

 Gorebridge Community Cares SCIO is a charity registered in Scotland No. SC047443

The Auld Gala Park - official opening 2nd September 2016


Here is the story in pictures of the making of our new community park.  Due to a near fatal accident caused by underground mine workings, it was fenced off more than ten years ago and the land lay derelict.  We have worked with Midlothian Council over the last five years and this area has now been transformed.  Central Scotland Green Network gave a grant of £16,500, Councillor Cath Johnstone used £13,500 of her community money, we raised £2,000 for play equipment, Midlothian Council the major contributor - cost of Phase I - £110,000.  Thank you to everyone who helped turn the dream into the reality.  A Community Park for Gorebridge, right in the heart of the village! Gorebridge Cares' plans are as big as your imagination – a safe cycle/walk to school, which hopefully will be extended to link the new Beacon, the Church, Arniston Rangers Junior Football park; a play area for the little ones, an area for ball games, a place where the not so young can sit and have a blether and perhaps a game of draughts in the park. A beautiful place to sit and smell the flowers. [A little fruit forest for Cath as well!].


The new Play Area has been installed in 2018 and there are plans for a pump track at the other side.  This is a park for the future, a green oasis that will be built upon for many generations to come.  People need to grow in an environment that brings nature to their doorstep, it is good for your health and good for your soul :-)

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Gorebridge Community Cares SCIO is a charity registered in Scotland No. SC047443