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Trains are here

It only takes about 17 minutes to get to Edinburgh from Gorebridge.

  • The new Waverley line passes through Gorebridge and has a very fine new railway line
  • How can we improve our Community?
  • How can we help our young folk?
  • What issues should we raise?
  • What events do you think we should support?
  • Email ideas to: Gorebridge.Community.Cares@hotmail.co.Oth

Our aim is to improve the community life of Gorebridge by fostering a good community spirit by:

  • Identifying and improving recreational, environmental, health and emotional opportunities for children, adults and families
  • To identify opportunities within the local community to enable young people to achieve their full potential through any of the following - education, recreation, sport, volunteering opportunities
  • To strengthen the Gorebridge community by encouraging more active citizens, working together to tackle their problems and promoting a healthier and happier community.
  • To provide a united and effective voice in discussions with the local authority and other providers of services and/or businesses/others on issues that impact on the health, welfare or environment of the Gorebridge community

Linking with other community groups

Gorebridge - a village with a past and with a future

There are many new houses being built in Gorebridge. Gorebridge Cares hopes to welcome new people to our community. We want better facilities for the young folk here, improve job prospects by promoting training and education. We want a lot for everyone, but will start with a little......

A Community Park for Gorebridge -

The Auld Gala Park



A Community Park for Gorebridge, right in the heart of the village! Gorebridge Cares' plans are as big as your imagination – a safe cycle/walk to school, which hopefully will be extended to link the new Beacon, the Church, Arniston Rangers Junior Football park; a play area for the little ones, an area for ball games, a place where the not so young can sit and have a blether and perhaps a game of draughts in the park. A beautiful place to sit and smell the flowers. [A little fruit forest for Cath as well!].


At last Phase I of the park is complete and as you will see below the transition is quite amazing. Thanks go to Midlothian Council for sticking with the project - we got there. Visit the Auld page.






An aerial view of The Auld Gala Park. Paths being laid

Gorebridge Community Cares [SCIO] is a

Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation Number SC047443